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Catering Venue Baton Rouge

If you are searching for a Special Event Catering Venue Baton Rouge that provides timeless elegant decor, outstanding catering & exceptional hospitality  for your special day, then you are sure to choose Elegant Memories.


Past guests have selected our venue based on their first visit through our doors. We love hosting weddings, anniversaries, milestone birthday celebrations, and other life events in our beautiful  special event venue.


We are known for our delicious selection of dishes available. Over the past 14 years, we have developed and refined our menu to meet the gourmet tastes of the people of the greater Baton Rouge area. Please contact us for the latest version of our menu.


Many of our guests have experienced our high level of hospitality at our  special event venue and expressed their gratitude. From assisting you in planning your event and choosing the perfect menu to an entertaining DJ and exceptional hospitality provided by our servers at your event, we strive to provide the best service at your special event.

Catering Venue Elegant Memories

We have a time-tested, crafted food menu prepared by our experienced team.​


Entertaining DJ Elegant Memories Events Baton Rouge


We have an in-house DJ with 20 years experience.

Timeless Elegant Decor options at Elegant Memories

We have a variety of decor choices to personalize the venue for your special day.


Beverage Options

You have the option of personalizing the beverages for your event.
We provide soft drinks and coffee with all of our catering packages. 

You May Choose From Our Many Bar Options:


You may choose a Cash Bar available for your guests to purchase the beverage of their choice. 


You may choose one of our two Open Bar options:
Beer and Wine Bar, or our Premium Bar.

Facility Options

  • You may choose to have your ceremony in our beautifully neutral ballroom.

  • You may choose our DJ or to utilize our state of the art sound system and provide your own DJ.

  • You may choose our many decor options to personalize your event or you may choose to provide your own decorator.

 Day of Coordination

Special Event Coordination

Michelle will assist you with planning every moment of your special event and implement those plans to perfect execution.

What Sets Us Apart:
Event Planning and Execution

Our special event catering venue, which has been used for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, election events, and other special events, is known for guiding their clients throughout the entire process. We assist with menu selection, décor selection, coordinating music, and other pre-event planning.

The day of the event can feel stressful to our clients … we step in and ensure that everything planned is carried out to the best of our clients’ and our abilities. Our Baton Rouge catering venue is not just catering and venue space, but an all encompassing resource for those looking to host the best event possible.

Clients often feel the day of the event will be stressful…However we take charge and ensure that everything previously planned is carried out to the best of our abilities. Our special event venue is not just catering and venue space, but an all encompassing resource for those searching for the best event possible.


The menu selected is one of the most important decisions for your special day. Know that the cuisine at Elegant Memories will more than satisfy your guests.

Dinner is prepared fresh the day of your event, during the event, to insure every guest enjoys a hot, fresh, delicious meal.


We pride ourselves on being a full-service special event venue with catering, DJ, beautiful décor … well, the timing of your special day is another detail that you can check off of your list when you choose Elegant Memories.

Michelle will assist you every step of the way to make a great plan for your special event; and the team at Elegant Memories will make certain that everything goes according to plan.


Elegant Memories has an in-house professional DJ has more than 20 years experience. He assists with music planning and coordinating traditional dances like the father/daughter dance. He energetically involves your guests to ensure your event is a complete success.

Elegant Memories Catering Venue

Myth: A Full Service Special Event Venue is Expensive

Elegant Memories has used their many years of experience to streamline all of the options available to make it more affordable than if the client were to provide all of the options themselves. Our years of experience will provide them with a wealth of savings and provide them with sense of relief that everything is taken care of and they can simply enjoy their guests and their special event. 

Elegant Timeless Decor

History of Our Special Event Venue in Baton Rouge

Elegant Memories is a family owned & operated special event, catering venue that provides delicious catering, a beautiful neutral venue space, gorgeous decor, & much more.  


The family of owners previously provided products and services for special events to the Baton Rouge area for many years prior to opening Elegant Memories.  


Already established in Special Events, Elegant Memories opened its doors in 2009 with the intent to provide Affordable, Elegant, Events to all who searched for a beautiful venue for their special event.  


With the ever changing trends, Elegant Memories strives to provide updated linen and decor options to illustrate the trends that are most desired.  


Along with decor, special events are ever changing in their format.  

Entrances, special dances, and farewells are some of the moments that are constantly evolving. Having a experienced coordinator that recognizes and adapts to the trending requests makes planning your special day effortless. 


Hospitality is at the forefront of our services. Every one of our family servers you encounter has your special events success in mind and will provide you and every guest with exceptional hospitality.  

The Spinosa Family ... Caterers, Special Event Planners, and Special Event Venue

Travis and Michelle Spinosa.jpeg

Travis and Michelle Spinosa

The owners Travis and Michelle are always onsite . Making sure the food and decorations are always wonderful. And the outside vendors are delivering what the couple is expecting.  

Their personal attention makes all the difference in a trouble  free wedding day.  

Gambino's Bakery has been working with them since they opened and have always had great experiences.

Angella at Gamino's Baton Rouge

Michelle and Travis Spinosa are the best wedding planner and DJ my wife and I could have asked for. Choosing Elegant Memories for our wedding and reception was well worth it. My wife, Amanda, and I enjoyed everything about our wedding day. The venue was gorgeous, the food was delicious and Michelle made sure everything went smoothly. Our family will definitely be choosing Elegant Memories for any formal events in the future.

A Lucky Groom

Unbelievable customer service! This family goes above and beyond for their guests and they ensure everything from from catering, entertainment and service is perfect. Their humility and hard-working attitude is obvious from the foundation (parents) and is clearly instilled in their children who work here as well. Everyone was so kind, down to earth, and genuine! I will recommend this venue to everyone, as the customer service here is unmatched anywhere else. Thank y’all for a great event! 

An Event Guest

Common Questions about Our Special Event Venue

Can I provide my own decor?


Are Elegant Memories' various decor included with special event venue rental?


Is there additional parking?

Yes, there is a half an acre behind the special event venue.

Can I have my own food brought in?

Sorry, no. We want to ensure that every guest is served so it is required that our experienced team plans for plenty of food for all of your guests.

Can I purchase and bring in my own alcohol?

Sorry, no. Similarly to food, we want to ensure availability throughout your event by providing the alcohol.

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